Breathless Choir

Can people with severe breathing problems lead a more fulfilling life? Philips believes they can. Follow the remarkable story of eighteen people who defy the odds to discover a new sense of independence and freedom.
Breathless Choir: Singing when breath is a battle

Singing when breath is a battle

Watch the choir find their breath with choirmaster Gareth Malone.

Meet the choir


Hear how the singers have coped in their daily lives with conditions like cystic fibrosis, reduced lung capacity, asthma and COPD. But how will they handle this new challenge?

Meet the choir: Overcoming breathlessness

Overcoming breathlessness

Follow the singers’ stories of determination, strength and hope.

The respiratory muscles could be exercised by singing – that’s only going to improve their capacity.”


Prof. Sairam Parthasarathy, M. D.

University of Arizona

Singing comforts, consoles, amuses and it’s so simple; it’s just you and your voice, and your breath.”


Gareth Malone, OBE


Singing’s feel good factor

Singing’s feel good factor

Prof. Sairam Parthasarathy, M. D. and choirmaster Gareth Malone, OBE talk about the health benefits of singing.

Putting patients first


The number of people with COPD is expected to increase. Philips has a range of solutions to suit these patients’ needs and manage their conditions.


Administer medication in the form of a mist inhaled into the lungs.


Allow physicians and caregivers to identify problems remotely through networked devices in patients’ homes.

Non-invasive ventilators

Through a mask, forces air into the lungs at night and other times when needed.

Oxygen concentrators

Converts room air into a purer form of oxygen.

A change of tune


One week ago the choir were struggling to breathe, let alone sing. Follow them from day one to their inspiring final performance.

A change of tune : The transformation

The transformation

Watch the choir over the course of a week gain the confidence to perform.

The final performance

The Breathless Choir defies expectations with a performance at world famous music venue, The Apollo Theater in Harlem, New York City.
The final performance : Watch the full show

Watch the full show

See the moment it all comes together.

Short of breath, not short of freedom


What if being short of breath didn’t hold people back from life? At Philips we’re committed to developing solutions that make life better for people like Claire. Thanks to more portable technology like SimplyGo Mini, oxygen therapy doesn’t mean being stuck at home. Millions of people with breathing difficulties now have the freedom to do things they never thought possible.

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