The future of personalized healthcare

One of the key healthcare conundrums of the 21st century is how to provide medical access to aging populations at a time when hospital infrastructures are more strained than ever. Philips and Banner Health introduced a program to explore and create innovative solutions to address this issue.

Personalized healthcare pioneers


Meet Helen and Ralph McCurdy. They’ve been married for 64 years but now live with a number of chronic conditions. Thanks to a unique healthcare program developed by Philips and Arizona’s Banner Health, they are now able to receive the best possible medical care without even leaving their house.

Telemedicine: A new model for healthcare

The comfort of home

See how innovative telemedicine allows an elderly couple to live together.

Old is the new normal


The McCurdys are at the vanguard of a new global aging population – still active, vibrant and demanding of a healthcare system that allows them to lead regular lives. As Margaret Chan, Director-general of the World Health Organization, says, “Being in the older age group is becoming the new normal.”

= People over 65 yrs
= Children

In 2047 older persons are projected to exceed the number of children for the first time.

Only 37% of adults over 50 believe they may need long-term care during their lifetime, whilst the reality is that 70% will.

Only 20% have spoken to their adult children about a long-term care strategy.

Health and Retirement: Planning for the Great Unknown, Merrill Lynch

The healthcare challenge


Philips engages in partnerships with stakeholders across the globe to develop innovative ways to provide citizens with the best treatment whilst professionals maximize their resources and budgets. This can be achieved by using the telemedicine technology to monitor the health of patients at home, and connect them directly with medical staff.

We know that the top 5% of patients in any system use a lot of resources: time, money, people.”


Dr. Edward Perrin, MD

Banner iCare, Banner Health Medical Center

Rethinking our approach

The Aging Well Think Tank, set up by Philips, believes that we need to move away from viewing aging solely as a time of inevitable decline to one that can be richly sustained with meaningful healthcare innovations. The opportunity is ripe to construct a new approach to healthcare, incorporating technology into people’s everyday lives.
For instance, instead of having to visit a hospital, perhaps the hospital can visit us. That, at least, was the theory when Philips innovators began developing telemedicine technology to transform the way society looks after itself. Today, that technology not only enables doctors and nurses to keep track of their patients while they reside at home, but also empowers people to take preventative measures that can help them experience longer and more fulfilling lives.

This is the future. It’s really an amazing model of care that doesn't exist anywhere else yet."


Dr. Edward Perrin, MD

Banner iCare, Banner Health Medical Center

Philips' revolutionary hospital-to-home system uses sophisticated cloud-based technology that can monitor, store and analyze large amounts of complex sets of data. Patients need to be proactively encouraged – and enabled – to manage and improve their own healthcare, whilst professionals are freed up to treat more patients, more effectively.

How it works


The telemedicine system put in place by the Philips and Banner Health program is a truly pioneering project.

The patients use networked Philips technology to take their own health readings at home.
The data is relayed straight to the Banner Telehealth Center.
The software interface alerts Banner staff to any change in conditions.
A tablet-based system allows physicians and nurses to video-conference directly with patients.

I’m just happy to be at home with Ralph. If I have an emergency, all I do is push a button and there’s somebody at Banner iCare there for me immediately.”


Helen McCurdy

Patient, Banner Health

A patient’s take on home healthcare

A patient’s take on home healthcare

Hear from patients and experts on how home care helps improves lives.

The doctor’s perspective

Dr. Perrin is convinced this is the way forward for an aging world. “When I have a team of people augmented by a lot of Philips technology, I can catch things earlier, treat things earlier, and then ultimately to do some good in these patients’ lives.”
A dynamic program

A dynamic program

Banner iCare and Philips work to best serve patients.

Our perspective


Philips believes that this kind of personalized healthcare – a project that supports people to take more control of their own health in the comfort of their own homes – could become a model for aging populations throughout the world who want to live independent lives, but need an increased level of medical supervision.

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