A village bathed in light

See how Philips CityTouch helped this town shine.

The essence of meaningful innovation can be found in a small hilltop village nestled in one of Italy’s most picturesque districts. Close to the eastern Abruzzo coast, Città Sant'Angelo is a village of enormous vitality, full of skilled artisans, small businesses and thriving shops.

In this film, the director of the local theatre, Ettore Mazzocco reminisces about the unique character that has always made the village such a vibrant community, how it was lost in the economic downturn and then rediscovered in more recent years.

Taking a walk around Città Sant'Angelo before, you would not have seen the stars. Now, with LEDs, you can."


Gabriele Florindi

Mayor of Città Sant'Angelo

In a collaboration between the Italian government and CEIE Power, thousands of traditional light bulbs were replaced by three different types of Philips LED street lights, all of which are more reliable and environmentally-friendly, so saving costs and energy, as well as providing a warm, highly-adaptable light.
The lights are connected by Philips CityTouch, a remote lighting management system that enables dynamic, intelligent and flexible control on a city wide scale. This smart outdoor lighting solution offers web applications to manage a network of LED street lights and analyze lighting data. For example, in areas of the town where there is a high level of activity, more lights can be switched on. 


fall in energy costs gained by the town following the installation of Philips CityTouch connected lighting system.


Città Sant'Angelo: Rebuilding community through light - Philips CityTouch

In quieter parts of town that may not need lights to be switched on full, the local authority is able to dim illumination in individual streets. Residents say the community has been rebuilt through light.

Light-based technologies have a current global market of how much?

€300 billion / US$330 billion. In addition, the projected market value is over €600 billion (US$660 billion) by 2020. Growth in the industry more than doubled that of the worldwide GDP between 2005 and 2011. Citation: International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies (IYL 2015)

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