How light helps students have a better start

Matching light to classroom activity.

Research suggests lighting levels can have a major effect in a learning environment if harnessed intelligently. So what better place to try and put the influence of lighting on learning to positive practical advantage than a primary school?

A visionary head teacher in a primary school near the Dutch city of Eindhoven contacted Philips in the hope of creating a system which would use the power of lighting to work to the pupils’ best advantage and promote a more positive learning environment. Philips installed SchoolVision, a system that matches lighting to classroom activities, creating moods that are variously engaging, stimulating, relaxing and calm.

Students develop best if they are comfortable. We were looking for partners that could change the children's learning environment. We were searching for lighting and of course ended up at Philips."


Jane van der Heijden

Principal, De Disselboom Primary School 

The day starts with energy lighting, which can then be turned down as the day goes on. But the beauty of this responsive, user-friendly system is that if a teacher sees the children flagging during reading hour, for instance, she can turn the energy lights back up. As this inspirational film shows, the children say the changeable lighting system in their classroom is like working in four different rooms – calming, inspiring, energising and peaceful.


increase in reading speed. A Hamburg study on Philips SchoolVision showed an increase in reading speed and reduction in errors.


Citation: Philips study in Hamburg - 'Brighter Schools' report 2010

The SchoolVision solution is as energy-efficient as traditional lighting solutions?

False. Compared to old, inefficient lighting solutions installed prior to the 1980s, the SchoolVision solution could result in energy savings of up to 57% for schools. Citation: Philips: Brighter schools - Lighting a sustainable future for education

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