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The Jeroen Bosch Ziekenhuis (Jeroen Bosch Hospital) is one of the biggest teaching hospitals in the Netherlands and aims to become the most patient-oriented hospital in the country.

To help patients feel more comfortable when they undergo a radiography exam, the Jeroen Bosch Hospital installed Philips Ambient Experience in two of its radiography rooms.

The Philips Ambient Experience team used design thinking in healthcare to create a peaceful and pleasant environment that benefits patients and caregivers. In a 2011 study, Philips Research documented an increase of 29% and 45.45% in patient satisfaction in the Ambient Experience rooms compared to the control group.1

1 Patients who underwent an X-ray exam in a room with Ambient Experience showed a noticeably higher Net Promoter Score (a figure that indicates to what extent someone is willing to recommend the hospital to people they know), than patients examined in a “normal” X-ray room. The difference between the control group and group 1 (patients not informed about AE) was +29% and group 2 (patients informed about AE) was +45.45%.

jeroen bosch xray room
Patients are clearly more relaxed, thanks to the combination of lighting, video projections and sound.”

- Harm Geraedts

Cluster Manager for Imaging Techniques, Jeroen Bosch Hospital

Our Approach

Based on Philips expertise in healthcare technology and consumer design, we put best practices to work, introducing innovative elements to transform a medical environment. Our validated room designs help support the specific procedures for different clinical areas such as radiography.

The Ambient Experience solution can include:


  • Dynamic LED lights ‘Ambient Lighting’ along the ceiling perimeter wash the walls in inviting colors
  • Thematic video with high quality audio provide a powerful distraction for the patient
  • Patients select the theme they desire and watch lights and images interact
  • Rounded corners make the rooms look bigger and discourage clutter

Patient-friendly themes

Ambient Experience creates patient-friendly environments by integrating architecture, design and enabling technologies. This innovative, people focused solution enables patients to select room themes with audio, allowing them to personalize the environment and surround themselves in a relaxing, calming atmosphere. The themes are an important feature of Ambient Experience that help patients to feel engaged and will provide them positive distraction and a feeling of control.


View themes

North america scenery

North America is one of the patient-friendly themes that can be chosen. 


The Ambient Experience rooms at Jeroen Bosch Hospital use design thinking in healthcare to enrich the experience of over a hundred patients every day. They give patients a sense of control in what is frequently a stressful situation, which often allows examinations to be completed comfortably and quickly.


The study by Philips Research confirmed that the Ambient Experience rooms are improving patient satisfaction significantly. Click here to read the full story.


Staff benefit as well. Ambient Experience makes their working environment feel less clinical and makes work a more pleasant experience.

helping patient for xray

At the Jeroen Bosch Hospital, Ambient Experience creates a more pleasant environment for patients and staff, which often allows exams to be completed comfortably and quickly. 

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