Improving patient experience and throughput with Ambient Experience patient in-bore solution

Creating a positive patient experience with the Ambient Experience patient in-bore solution

At the Herlev Gentofte University Hospital in Denmark the patient satisfaction has always been a priority. Therefore, Herlev hospital has added the patient in-bore solution to its Ingenia 3.0 T system with Ambient Experience.


The Philips team assisted in the installation and implementation of the Ambient Experience patient in-bore solution. In the five months that this solution has been in use, data shows a significantly reduced number of interupted scans, higher throughput rates and an overall more positive patient experience.

Our Approach

Herlev Hospital is very clear on the importance it places on creating a positive patient experience. They are trying to move away from being a ‘disease repair shop’ towards the notion of being a ‘temple of health’ as Chairman of the Department of Radiology Michel Nèmery would say. 


One of the main things that Herlev wanted to address was attaining a higher throughput rate and a more efficient process. When a patient is uncomfortable they are more likely to move during the scan, causing the need for repeat scans and slowing the throughput process.

By adding the Ambient Experience patient in-bore solution, Philips helped reduce patient stress and improved the patient experience, enhancing the throughput.


Five months after the installation of the Ambient Experience patient in-bore solution, Dr. Nèmery and his team conducted a survey of patients who were scanned with the In-bore Solution. Herlev hospital reports significant improvements to their patient care environment and scanner throughput. “ For patients, it’s a great experience and at the same time a distraction if they’re nervous or feeling a little claustrophobic or just impatient.”


Staff members feel good about doing their jobs in the engaging and relaxing environment that Ambient Experience fosters. The department’s patient’s satisfaction has made notable improvements, with 90% of patients reporting a better to much better comfort level. When comparing the number of interrupted examinations before and after installation of the patient in-bore solution and between the six scanners. These data show a significant reduction of interrupted exams from the Ingenia 3.0T scanner with the Ambient Experience patient in-bore solution.

A differentiator for the hospital

The Ambient Experience patient in-bore addition has received positive media coverage and word of mouth from satisfied patients, increasing the amount of requested referrals and department demand.


Michel Christian Nèmery, MD, chairman of the Department of Radiology:  “We do get patients who ask to be referred to us, and who are very explicit about having recommendations from family or friends or have heard about it on TV, Facebook or other media.”

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