Illuminating life

Philips inspires and enlightens cities across the world.
  • Philips illuminates the Bayterek monument and tower in Kazakhstan's new capital, the popular tree holding a golden egg comes from folklore of the tree of life, a central symbol in Turkic mythology

  • Philips lighting brings a new dynamic to the Saryarka bridge, complementing the rich historical and cultural heritage of the Kazakh people

  • The magnificence of the Royal Castle in Warsaw, the historical heart of the capital, is highlighted through the elegant use of Philips LEDs

  • Philips lighting solutions highlight ancient Egyptian engineering, drawing tourists to the desert outside Cairo in the dead of night to marvel at one of the wonders from the ancient world

  • Philips lighting technology lights up New York's skyline, illuminating the Empire State Building

  • Illuminating history with smart lighting

  • LED lighting on the Harbor Bridge sparks pride in Corpus Christi

  • Guangzhou's elegant Canton tower illuminates the night, like a lighthouse guiding and protecting the city

  • Philips lighting solutions dramatically increase the visibility of the beautiful and iconic structure of Da Nang's Dragon Bridge

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