Innovation for the better


We believe there is always a way to make life better. And we believe the way to do that is through innovation – innovating to improve people’s lives. For over 120 years that’s been our mission. And we’re still working on it. Our commitment is that by 2025 we will positively improve the lives of 3 billion people a year.

The Living Lab


To help make people’s lives better, you have to know them. To do that, you need to listen to them and work with them. That leads to understanding – and that’s where innovation begins. We are working with governments, healthcare professionals, thought leaders and families; building experiments that will help transform their cities, their communities and their lives.

Breathless Choir


What if being short of breath didn’t have to hold a person back in life? Eighteen people with respiratory problems discover a new sense of independence and freedom as they find the confidence to sing. Follow the Breathless Choir’s inspiring journey from day one to their full performance.

Light up
the dark


Let’s go to Uppsala, Sweden. Children need daylight, fresh air and exercise. But during winter in Uppsala children only have a few hours of daylight to go out and play. Could our lighting innovations improve the quality of their lives during the dark days of February? See what happened.

and you


See how we're helping to improve people's lives around the globe.