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MR is different. And
MR-grade accessories

make a difference

Expression MR patient monitors reflect extensive research dedicated to developing products and accessories designed specifically for the unique requirements of the MR environment. Getting the best out of these monitors requires the support of the complementary, high-quality Expression MR accessories portfolio.

The powerful magnet makes the MR environment very different from other care areas. MR-grade electrodes, sensors, cuffs, and other accessories are designed, engineered, and manufactured to withstand this challenging environment.

Performance without compromise

It can be tempting to use the same types of accessories across clinical settings, for the sake of convenience and budgetary concerns. The fact is, however, that given the vulnerabilities of standard accessories in an MR environment, extra time and resources spent on MR-graded accessories are beneficial to the bottom line.

Small-scale savings and efficiency wins can become larger-scale losses when non-MR-grade equipment fails to perform—or, worse, becomes a liability.

MR is different. Ask your Philips representative about our full range of Expression MR accessories.


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Together, we
move forward

Take a look at how Philips has pioneered advancements in the MR space, and envision where we are going together.

1980 2000 icons

  • 1980s - Pioneered development of first MR patient monitor
  • 1987 - First to market with MR patient monitoring system
  • 1998 - Wireless remote display
  • 2000 - Anesthetic agent detection; digital gradient filters


Field advancements: Growth and adoption of MR as routine imaging modality; real-time imaging of the heart, functional MR of brain introduced.

2004 till 2008 cloud magnetic resonance

  • 2004 - Surface temperature parameter
  • 2006 - 4 W/kg SAR and wireless vital signs
  • 2008 - Table-mounted MR patient monitor

    Field advancements:
    Intraoperative procedures come to MR. ASA issues practice advisory for use of anesthesia during MR studies.

2010 2012 icons

  • 2010 - Disposable accessories, 360° alarm light, wireless gating perfusion and diffusion ECG digital gradient filters, bedside-quality SpO2 and body temperature monitoring
  • 2012 - Wireless barcode scanner, multi-optional IT connectivity system

Field advancements: Growth of ICU and NICU patient imaging in MR suite; regulatory and economic factors drive global adoption of EHRs.

2014 2015 icons

  • 2014 - Gauss alarm, bedside-quality NiBP and CO2/respiration monitoring
  • 2015 - 5,000 Gauss power supply, 7.2 µT B1 rms, advanced clinical alarms, bedside-quality SpO2, IBP, NiBP, and CO2 monitoring, ECG 3.0, alarm flags, 19-inch touchscreen display

Field advancements: Introduction of value-based core modes.

2016 and beyond

Field advancements: Hybrid OR environments allow surgery and MR imaging to take place in the same room, as interoperability becomes the key to creating an exceptional care environment.

  • A hybrid OR can enhance the patient and staff experience.
  • Integration is crucial for creating
a smooth workflow.
  • Hybrid OR suites connect technologies for higher quality care and lower costs.

There are good reasons to choose a high-quality
Expression patient monitor

top ten childrens hospital

Trusted by the best

Every one of the top 10 children’s hospitals in the U.S.* uses Expression MR patient monitoring solutions to advance patient care.


*U.S. News and World Report, 2016-17

Care teams—and patients—can have the best chance of success by pairing Expression patient monitors with Expression MR accessories, which have been specifically designed for MR applications.

Bedside-quality monitoring in the MR environment


Philips patient monitors help monitor over 200 million patients every year. We applied the expertise behind this ubiquitous market penetration to creating a compatible suite of state-of-the-art support products specially designed for bedside-quality monitoring in the MR environment.

Clinical advantages


  • Bedside-quality parameters and design for exceptional care and management.
  • Exam protocol flexibility and freedom of movement reduce monitor placement restrictions.
  • Expression MR Quadtrodes are designed to reduce imaging artifacts and RF burns.
  • Expression MR-grade NiBP cuffs and hoses are available in a range of sizes, which allow you to choose the optimal size for your patient.
  • Designed to complement MR-specific Philips Expression patient monitors, transforming care in Hybrid OR environments to enable surgery and MR imaging to be done in the same room.


Philips Expression MR electrodes, procedure kits, cords, wireless modules, scanners, sensors, cuffs, and other accessories are rigorously designed, engineered, and manufactured specifically for vital sign accuracy and to complement the accuracy and performance of Expression monitors.


We help you translate your vision of a better care environment into reality.

MR-grade is different

The powerful magnet makes MR different from other patient monitoring care areas.


Non-MR-grade monitoring accessories can adversely affect MR performance, damage the monitor itself, sacrifice vital sign accuracy and create imaging artifacts that interfere with diagnoses.


Expression MR accessories are designed for performance competitive to bedside monitoring, and engineered and manufactured to stand up to the unique rigors of the MR environment.

monitoring care areas

Expression MR accessories 
are specifically designed for the MR


  • Specifically designed to withstand demanding environments with strong magnetic fields
  • Carefully crafted using non-ferrous materials that will not turn into dangerous projectiles that could injure patients and staff
  • A compatible, well-designed Hybrid OR can enhance the patient and staff experience; integration is crucial for a smooth workflow

MR-grade patient monitoring accessories make a difference. Clinicians have so much at stake

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Patient care


In a study using FDA data, patient burns were found to account for more than 70% of adverse effects reported in MR suites.* Expression MR accessories are designed with special cables, gels, and connectors that can help reduce heat-related effects.


* Steere A. Battling Burns in MR. HealthImaging website. http://www.healthimaging.com/topics/practice-management/battling-burns-mr?nopaging=1. September 11, 2014. Accessed November 29, 2016.

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Electromagnetic fields

Electromagnetic fields associated with the MR system can significantly affect the operation of monitoring equipment. Expression MR accessories have been tested and validated to avoid proton emissions, in order to help reduce the risks associated with imaging errors.

performance icon

Interruptions during scans


Scans interrupted due to a dropped signal can lead to poor-quality vital signs data. Expression MR accessories have been developed by experts to meet these MR-specific challenges.

A solution that supports you every step of the way

Philips puts you on the smart path to meaningful growth with safe MR patient monitoring.

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