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How should I maintain a reusable cotton dust bag?

Published on 2021-07-04
The CRP485/01 reusable cotton dust bag can be used with your bagged Philips Vacuum Cleaner. This dust bag fits in a high number of cylinder vacuum cleaners. Find the necessary information about the reusable cotton dust bag in the following sections.

When to exchange the reusable cotton dust bag?

Empty the dust bag as soon as the dust bag-full indicator has changed color permanently (applicable to most bagged Philips Vacuum Cleaners), or after simply checking the amount of dust within the dust bag. A drop in performance can also be a reason to exchange the dust bag.

You can remove the plastic strip on the bottom to quickly empty the dust bag. After emptying, slide the plastic strip back onto the dust bag and place the dust bag back into the appliance.

How to prevent the pores from blocking and losing suction power?

The pores in the reusable cotton dust bag of your Philips Vacuum Cleaner may become clogged (i.e. after vacuuming ashes, fine sand, lime, cement dust or other similar substances). If this is the case, please empty and wash the reusable dust bag, even if it is not full yet. 

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How to properly clean and wash the reusable cotton dust bag?

The reusable cotton dust bag is washable both by hand and washing machine. Always empty the dust bag before washing. It is recommended to not exceed a washing temperature of 30 degrees Celsius, as the cotton could shrink. For the same reason, avoid the use of a dryer. 

If washing by hand, first rinse the bag in a basin filled with clean cool water. Empty the basin afterwards. Refill the basin and add some washing detergent. Rinse again. Then rinse the bag one more time with clean cool water until all the detergent is removed and the dust bag looks clean. Let the dust bag dry completely before placing it back into the appliance.

The information on this page applies to the following models: FC8585/01 .

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