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My Philips SatinShave is not charging

Published on 21 September 2022
If you are having trouble charging your Philips SatinShave, read the following troubleshooting tips to help resolve your issue.
Make sure that the power outlet where you are charging your SatinShave is working. Try charging your SatinShave in a different electrical socket to see if this works.

Note: Some models have connection indicator on the charger or handle, which will light up when connected to the mains. 
Make sure that the small plug of your charging cable or USB cable is completely inserted into the charging socket at the bottom of the device. Check if the shape of the charging plug allows it to fit in the device completely. Do not force it in, as that may damage the device.
Make sure that you are using the original Philips Charger and charging cable or USB cable that came with your SatinShave. If you do not have the original charger, cable, or USB cable anymore, you can buy a new one from our online shop. Safely charge your device in dry conditions by using the original cable, undamaged, do not leave the product unattended and unplug after charging.  
Not all appliances have a charging indicator on it, that indicate when the battery is low (orange), charging (white blinking) or full (white continuous). Consider for most appliances, normal charging time is between 1 to 10 hours via the mains. Check your model’s specifications for its charging instructions.

If you have tried the advice above, but your SatinShave is still not charging, then please contact us for further help.
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